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Let's Back This Train Up to the Beginning, Shall We?

This story started out like a typical ghost story would but as it progressed, it became more of a weird and wild ride to self-discovery. I think the best way to share this journey is by beginning with my journal entries. It took over a year of having crazy experiences before I decided that they needed to be documented. Then it took filling about 20 pages in a Google doc to understand that this whole thing was so much bigger than me.


September 17, 2019

I guess it’s time to start documenting the "happenings" of this house. Because now I’m at the point where I’m starting to wonder if it’s the house itself that is causing these supernatural and energy-like occurrences. There's no way this is stemming from an object in the house and it doesn't feel like residual energy stuck in a loop. It’s been made abundantly clear this is an intelligent, and far from traditional haunting. Let me think back all the way to the beginning:

When we first moved in back in 2018, I used to hear a LOT of strange sounds. Which of course would be typical of any new house. February 14 of this year, I was in my bed and I had my youngest daughter Nora taking a nap next to me. I heard heavy footsteps in the hallway, like someone wearing shoes or boots was coming towards the bedroom but stopped somewhere near my son's room. I was freaked out, so I texted Jeff asking if he had maybe come home early to surprise me for Valentine's Day. He responded that no, he was still at work (of course) and suddenly it felt a little harder to breathe. I knew for a fact I heard those footsteps.

I still have the photo I sent Jeff of me holding one of our old wedding center pieces upside down as a weapon, in case I had to defend myself against the intruder that might be in my house. But when I walked out in the hallway, glass mallet in hand, there was absolutely no one there.

My early attempts at spiritual protection:

Another noticeably big thing happened when I was doing laundry in the hallway. The washer and dryer are nestled in a large hall closet, across from the kids’ bedrooms. I was sitting on the floor sorting laundry when I heard my daughters’ bedroom door start rattling like crazy. It was as if someone was holding onto the doorknob and trying to get out from the other side. Now normally, I’m the world’s biggest chicken-shit and if I was watching myself as some other person I would have said, “Hell no you aren’t opening that door!” but I honestly didn’t even think about it. There was surprisingly no fear in my body as I walked and stood in front of the door. I watched it continue to shake as I slowly reached out and turned the doorknob. As I pushed the door open, it stopped moving. I took a step into the empty room and said, “Hello?” to which there was no reply. I turned around, closed the door, and took a few steps back towards the laundry when it began to shake once again. I almost guffawed, it felt so ridiculous. So I stood there, hands on my hips, and watched it continue for a few more seconds before finally thinking, “Someone else has to see this.”

I called down for Sam, who was playing games in the basement, all while eyeing the door as it shook. As I heard him trodding up the stairs, the rattling ceased again and I stood there in bewilderment. Of course, then I had to explain why I had called him up and the two of us stood there frozen solid for at least five minutes waiting for the door to do it again, but to no result. Nothing like this has happened to me since, but this has happened to others in the house.

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