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The Woman in the Water

When I finished my first Underworld meditation, I started to get a headache so I took a rest on the couch and wrapped a blanket around my eyes. I was replaying the whole meditation in my head while thinking about the name "Soaring Eagle". I was still a little skeptical because the name sounded a little too made up for my liking, I guess, and I wanted to know what his real name was. While I layed there, I repeated in my head, "I need a name. I need a name. I need a name."

I woke up to the alarm that I had set on my phone and sure enough, there was a name or at least part of a name in my mind. I immediately took the blanket off my head, hit the dismiss on the alarm, and searched the internet for the word/letters I had received. Unfortunately, I didn't find any answers at that time but here is the screenshot from my actual Google search back in Janaury:


The VERY next day, I did my second meditation to the Underworld where I met the woman in the water who I felt was some kind of a deity. Immediately after that meditaton, I searched on Wikipedia for a list of underwater deities to see if I could find her. There were lists sub-catergorized by culture and being that I've felt such a strong connection to my Native American ancestor, I decided it was best to start there. Reading through the list, one name caught my eye and gave me chills throughout my whole entire body.


I was shaking with adrenaline as I clicked on the link. What I read made my jaw hit the floor.


I had never heard of this goddess before but it's crazy to think I received her name the day before my other meditation. There is not a doubt in my mind now that this is the woman that I met in the water. I had been so worried about drowning in my meditation but she came to me and kept me calm and safe. I recently bought 2 pieces of jade as a reminder of this encounter with her. I keep one on my altar and the other in my purse so I can feel her protection wherever I go.

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