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The Dark Energy

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

October 2019

There have been a few times now where I’ve felt a threatening-type of energy in the house. The first time I felt it was a random afternoon this past summer. My youngest daughter Nora had just fallen asleep on the couch for her nap and my older two kids were in the basement playing on the computers. I was sitting next to her watching tv when I was completely overcome with a strange, uneasy feeling. I felt like I wasn't safe and that regardless of any precautions I took, something was going to get me. I was so uncomfortable that I got up to check that all the doors were still locked. But deep down, I knew that whatever was giving me this feeling was already inside the house and I felt extremely vulnerable.

In a very child-like way, I decided to get in my bed; almost as if hiding under the covers would protect me from this awful feeling. As I was walking down the hall towards the bedroom the feeling got even heavier. I quickened my pace and basically jumped into the bed. I started texting my husband about what was going on because I'm a good wife and he would need some evidence proving his innocence if I was going to be murdered by a ghost.

While I was waiting for his response, I heard something next to the bed make sort of a deep, gutteral, “Humpf” sound. I froze in my spot and the hairs on my arms stood up. I said to myself, “If I look over this bed and the dog is not in the kennel, I am OUT of here.” I sat up a little further and looked over and saw that he was, in fact, NOT in there. I shook my head and said, "Nope! That's it! I'm done!" I went outside on the back patio and closed the screen behind me so I could hear and see Nora if she woke up. It felt so much lighter outside in the fresh air; I ended up sitting out there the entire time she napped.


There was an instance not long after that when Jeff experienced the same uneasy feeling. He had stayed awake one night reading on his phone after I had already fallen asleep. He was overcome with a very heavy, uneasy feeling. He said when he felt it, he instantly connected it to the same feeling I had tried to explain just days before. In his words, he described it as feeling very vulnerable and unsafe.

Suddenly, he felt something firmly bump the foot of the bed. He assumed this was Nora trying to climb into our bed as usual so he sat up to talk to her. But as he leaned forward, he didn't see anyone there. He turned on his phone's flashlight to double check the area for kids but it was empty. This really freaked him out, so he looked over to check on the dog who was asleep in the kennel next to him. He slipped out of bed to check on the kids and saw all three of them sleeping soundly. Then he continued to walk around the house making sure all the doors were still locked. He said he had a really hard time falling asleep that night.

After these experiences, there was an afternoon where I could feel this sense of something building up. The energy felt off, like it was charging up for another weird event. But it was daytime, and I was feeling confident and brave. I walked down the hallway and in a very firm tone I said, “I can feel you in this house. If you have a message you need to share or you need affirmation of your presence, I can do that for you. But you can fuck-off scaring me. You are not allowed to try and scare MY family in MY house.” Things got really quiet for a little bit after that. Roughly 2-3 weeks passed before we had another experience.

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