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A Grounding Poem

As some of you might know, I have a deep and profound love for trees. When I first began meditating, I would pick a random tree, mentally become one with it, and then surround it with white light. It was an awesome way for me to visualize really rooting into the ground and it helped me to feel safe and protected. A couple of months ago I was doing a meditation and I wrote in my journal that I wanted to know my spirit guide's name. Instead of the response I wanted, I received a little poem that I quickly jotted down as it flowed through my pen. When I read it afterwards, I completely dismissed it. I even wrote underneath, "Thanks for the poem, but I need more." Such an ass, I was- I had completely missed the message! I had become completely wrapped up in searching for answers that I was forgetting the lessons of being grounded in the present.

When you're a tree you've got
nothing but time to listen.
There is no moving, only growing.
There is a give and take.
When you're a tree you feel-
When you're a tree, you're real.

Meditation can be a wonderful time for listening. When we sit still and breathe still, we find in that stillness our minds can grow. Like anything in nature, there is a give and take, and we must never forget that balance. Staying grounded like the tree keeps us in the present, which is so important not just during meditation when our minds can travel but in everyday life as well.

It took a lot of practice but recently I was able to find "my" tree. I've been doing a lot more meditative work going inside of it and visiting other realms but I would've never made it to this point without first mastering the basics.

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